Meet the THV11 Cuteness Bowl Puppies

During the Superbowl THV11will be FB LIVE with these 4 cuties:  3 girls 1 boy. Here is their all-too-familiar story.

Their mom showed up at a house in West Little Rock, AR,  very pregnant and desperately needing a safe warm place to have her babies. The wonderful homeowners gave her that place and have been fostering the whole family.

These puppies are now weaned but are still awaiting their second set of shots. Mom has a home, and these babies will be available for adoption soon.

BUT, until then, they will be our guest for the THV11 Cuteness Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday, where they will be promoted for adoption and will serve as ambassadors to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets. 

These puppies are some of the lucky ones.

This little fellow will steal your heart.

This little girl is a doll.

This female pup is ready to give puppy kisses.

This little girl is learning to “sit.”


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